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*New this June: We are currently running a promotion where each new fan club member gets a free 100% Electronica lighter, and matching tote bag mailed to them. You must be a member for at least 1 full month to apply, but as long as this message is here, new members will still be able to get their gift in the 2nd month. (Unfortunately we cannot ship the lighters outside of the USA, only the bags)*

This is the FAN CLUB! As a member of The Fan Club you get exclusive access to tonnes of unreleased George Clanton and ESPRIT 空想 which will be regularly added throughout the year.

And live 360 degree video recordings from past and future tours, uploaded from the "tour" "bus!"

To members of The Fan Club, I'll be giving away something sick to a random fan every month. In the past we've given away flight tickets to ElectroniCON, vinyl test pressings, the sneakers from the "Slide" album cover, and thousands of dollars worth of out of print merchandise from my archives!

ALERT For Music Producers: music producer, in The Fan Club "ZONE" you get Unlimited access to some of my drum and synth sounds to load into your sampler and use in your own original compositions. We also have stems to many George Clanton and ESPRIT songs for you to try your hand at REMIXING!

There are many works-(no longer)-in-progress that the world isn't ready for, but can be shared here. There are dozens of unreleased tracks available behind these doors, Unseen video footage, Live audio recordings from now to going back years ago, and 2+ years of random exclusive fan-club-only updates. Want to watch George Clanton talk to himself for 40 minutes? We've got that. What to see how some songs were made? We've got that.

At the heart of all this is a fans-only Discord server (chat room) where fans and George interact regularly, sharing our favorite songs and more. Many of the fan club's best ideas came from impromptu conversations on the Discord!

Your subscription goes directly to keeping my dream alive, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. you also get 15% off 100% Electronica Merch

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You’re a supporterThank you!
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